It is frustratingly easy to get depressed in the fight for freedom. We all dedicate our time, wealth, mind, and lives to the battle for total human liberation — for a world free of violence and oppression, and instead filled with peaceful social cooperation. Many of us spend all our free time in the war of ideas. We spend entire nights reading through the deep and beautiful libertarian tradition, or watching an hour long lecture on YouTube, or typing up our own thoughts on our publishing pages.

What are you supposed to do when it’s 3am and you’re 300 pages deep in “Man, Economy, and State,” and you take a break by checking Twitter, only to see another story of a corrupt cop? Or to see the United States is now engaged in yet another military conflict abroad? Or to see the US national debt has now reached a skrillion dollars? Does the repeated, and seemingly inevitable, triumph of statism make our efforts moot? It certainly feels that way sometimes.

For all the liberty lovers out there who feel powerless and their efforts meaningless, I remind them of the wonder, the awe inspiring power of human cooperation and spontaneous order. I look around at the countless student groups, publishing sites, graduate programs, meet-ups, conferences, blogs, social media groups, online classes, and activism efforts focused on liberty, and my brain is filled with thousands of potential ideas, while my heart is filled with mind-boggling joy.

Do you think Mises and Hayek had this kind of outlet available when they were fighting the rise of fascism and socialism? Do you think Rothbard and Friedman had this when they were battling the rise of Keynesian economics and the welfare-warfare state? They didn’t have even close to the kind of activist and intellectual infrastructure we have now, yet that didn’t stop them. They continued on — writing about and teaching the benefits of human freedom.

The fight for liberty, right now, is bigger and better than it has ever been. We have the benefit of the amazing intellectual advances made before us, the unbelievable power of modern technology and social media, and the upper hand in pure numbers. Can you imagine what Mises would have accomplished had he been able to utilize groups like Students For Liberty and the thousands of students eager to learn about liberty? Can you imagine what Hayek would have done with modern social media and websites like that channel spontaneous order like nothing else? The intellectual advances made by our ideological fore bearers is already unbelievable and inspiring. If they lived in the world we live in, with the the tools we have at our disposal, who knows what they could have accomplished?

Despite the best efforts of the greatest libertarian thinkers of the 20th century, the state has remained unyielding in its domination. Milton Friedman would remind us that we need to have a sense of proportion. While the geniuses I’ve mentioned knew the greatness and power of human freedom, they would also admit they died before their mission was even close to accomplished. They knew they hadn’t yet won and they left their work to us. Now what are we gonna do with it?

Are we going to slump in our chairs when we see the drug war statistics? Are we gonna retreat to our beds when the Federal Reserve announces yet another round of quantitative easing? I implore you to channel your inner Ludwig von Mises and repeat his famous quote “Tu Ne Cede Malis,” meaning “Do Not Give in to Evil.” If we want to gain any ground against statism we need to remember three things:

1. Remain Stoic: Don’t let the depressing news get to you. Remain goal oriented and vigilant in the fight for freedom. Ask yourself “What Would Mises Do?” While it can be saddening to be half way though a brilliant magnum opus, such as “Human Action,” and really feel like you’ve got a grasp on these vital, complex issues, only to turn on the news and see all the depressing shit going on the in the world, we can’t let it get to us. Ayn Rand wrote, “In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are at its worst.”

2. Be Positive: We aren’t just against the leviathan government. We aren’t just against the welfare-warfare state. We aren’t just against authoritarianism. We are for the greatest, most powerful and unstoppable machine of human flourishing ever known to mankind. We are for total and complete human liberation. We are for a robust, tolerant, and peaceful society. We are for freedom.

3. Have Fun: In the word of Emma Goldman, “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” I don’t want to make any outright predictions about the future of freedom. However, I don’t expect to see anarchy in my lifetime. I hope this generation leaves our wonderful and insightful work to the next generation of liberty lovers, just like Mises and Friedman left their work to us. Although I don’t foresee my ideal goals being  accomplished before I die, I sure as hell am gonna have some fun while I fight for them. While I live and breath, I refuse to let the state rob me of my joy in addition to everything else they have robbed me of. I enjoy fighting for liberty. It is my lifeblood. it gives me motivation to live and I have fun while doing it. I intend to have fun every single minute of every single conference I attend. I intend to have fun every single article – every single letter, I write.

This is Pizzatarianism. You see, pizza is the most libertarian of all foods. Pizza, like human freedom, has no limitations. It can be deep-dish pizza, stuffed pizza, pizza pockets, pizza turnovers, rolled pizza, pizza-on-a-stick, pizza sandwich, pizza soup, all with combinations of sauce and toppings limited only by one’s inventiveness. You can cook it an electric oven, a stone-brick oven, a conveyor belt oven, a wood fired brick oven, or a coal fired brick oven. You can even grill it.

You can have thick or thin (don’t worry this article isn’t about that) crust. You can make hand-tossed Roman pizza or pan style, deep dish Chicago pizza. The crust can even be filled with herbs or cheese. And the cheese! You could use mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, cheddar, Parmesan, Roman, or my favorite, extra. Let’s not forget the toppings. Everything from ham, bacon, pepperoni, chicken, sausage, to onions, anchovies, peppers, olives, mushrooms, and pineapples, or perhaps all of the above, can go on pizza!

To channel Robert Nozick, Wittgenstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Bertrand Russell, Thomas Merton, Yogi Berra, Allen Ginsberg, Harry Wolfson, Thoreau, Casey Stengel, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Picasso, Moses, Einstein, Hugh Hefner, Socrates, Henry Ford, Lenny Bruce, Baba Ram Dass, Gandhi, Sir Edmund Hillary, Raymond Lubitz, Buddha, Frank Sinatra, Columbus, Freud, Norman Mailer, Ayn Rand, Baron Rothschild, Ted Williams, Thomas Edison, H.L. Mencken, Thomas Jefferson, Ralph Ellison, Bobby Fischer, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, you, and your parents. Is there really one kind of pizza which is best for each of these people?

Pizza is the epitome of the human creative spirit. It represents the utmost ingenuity, personalization, and individualism of people. Each pizza is a person’s own little utopia. They choose whatever kind of pizza they want, regardless of what others are doing. You don’t need to be told what to get on your pizza. There are no top down orders when it comes to making your own pizza. The kitchen of a pizza place is the home of spontaneous order. It’s where people come together to engage in voluntary cooperation and choose exactly what the want on their pizza without rules or dictates about what they can order. And, just like the magic of a free society, the pizza place becomes a place where people make their own choices about their own pizza without reverence for authority.

Pizzatarianism is the idea that we should have fun while fighting for freedom. It’s the idea that liberty not just includes, but requires, fun. For me, I enjoy eating pizza. I eat pizza when I read. I eat pizza when I write articles. I eat pizza when I’m hanging out with my friends. Find your pizza. Find the thing you love that represents the spirit of freedom and never forget it. When your Twitter feed has you down because of a depressing news story, think of your pizza. Remember it and remember how fucking amazing human liberty really is.

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